The Ultimate Meme

Pink Piggy is the "ZERO INFLUENCE" token

1. Solid project

Pink Piggy has launched at whatever cost the aim of bringing a new atmosphere in the crypto meme coin space

2. Determined team

Our team has been in the crypto space for 7 years and is more dedicated than ever to spread the word about the value of our first meme coin

3. Diamond community

Through 100% organic growth and with an influence rate as close as possible to zero, we want to build the strongest community and the furthest from any vision of pump and dump

4. Big goals

Our goals are to climb the crypto ladder in terms of meme coins. We also want to be able to help our community because it is thanks to each of our very committed investors that what we are doing is possible

Pink Piggy Token

Pink Piggy performed a stealth launch on April 30th 2022. The entire supply was thus added to the liquidity and there is no dev wallet.

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